Terms and Conditions


  1. This term is to establish the general conditions and regarding the use of services offered by BEM SÃO PAULO.
  1. The purchase of any product or service offered by BEM SÃO PAULO implies voluntary and full accession of all conditions contained in this document.
  1. BEM SÃO PAULO is an agency focused on offering guests a unique experience of tourism in the city of São Paulo. There are several experiences focused on several themes.
  1. The acquisition process of the packages offered by BEM SÃO PAULO happens directly on its website (www.bemsaopaulo.com), without intermediaries, and payment is made through PAYPAL (for more information, please visit www.paypal.com), credit card or others options available on the site. Therefore, BEM SÃO PAULO does not have access and does not store the payment data of its customers.
  1. The customer needs to create an account and fill out a registration form to purchase products and services by BEM SÃO PAULO.
  1. The tourism experiences offered by BEM SÃO PAULO are fully described in the offers contained on the website, will be replicated in the checkout screen and the user will receive an email confirmation, with all of the experience information, after completion of the purchase.
  1. The experience gained can only be enjoyed by the customer and may not be transferred or assigned to third parties.
  1. The meeting point for the beginning and end of the tour is defined by BEM SÃO PAULO, will be informed on product supply and transportation costs to the meeting point is the customer’s responsibility.
  1. The purchase may be canceled or changed up to 7 days before the date chosen for the tour. The customer shall not be entitled to any refund or compensation if he/she does not cancel the experience within the stipulated period, or stop enjoying the experience.
  1. BEM SÃO PAULO undertakes to deliver to their customers what was offered on its website. But BEM SÃO PAULO may, without charge, cancel or change the experience, in case of any impediment to its implementation. In this case, the customer will be informed in advance about the impediment, and in case of not accepting the new experience offered by BEM SÃO PAULO, may request a refund of the amount paid, or exchange the experience by any other offer by BEM SÃO PAULO, upon availability.
  1. The experience will be held in English and will be accompanied by a guide, who is fluent in English, and by an assistant.
  1. BEM SÃO PAULO freely offers to its customers an insurance policy against accidents during experiments. For more information about the coverage amounts, visit www.bemsãopaulo.com/…. The customer can only claim or demand from BEM SÃO PAULO the amounts of the insurance policy, thereby renouncing any form of compensation that could be entitled, in case of accident occurring during the experiment.