Summer of the Cans

Summer of the Cans

What would you do if you were at the beach and found a coffee can stuffed with 1.5 kg of marijuana? Now, imagine looking up and seeing 15,000 more cans floating in the ocean.

This really happened in Brazil!

The first cans began showing up along the coast of São Paulo in September of 1987. Over the next several months, approximately 15,000 cans containing nearly 22 tons of weed bombarded the entire Brazilian coastline.

Cans of marijuana

Summer of the Cans, a documentary from Brazilian filmmaker Tocha Alves, explores this crazy period of time through the music, art, and characters that were present during the summer of ’87. Where did the weed come from? How did people react? What did the authorities do about it? These questions and more are answered as this unbelievable tale unfolds.

One of the great things about this documentary is that it isn’t just about the bumbling morons that lost the weed; rather, it explores the event through the eyes of Brazilian artists and culture, demonstrating how the ‘Summer of Cans’ deeply influenced the country over the next several years.


To check out Summer of the Cans on vimeo, click HERE. To see more from Tocha Alves, go HERE.

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