The city of São Paulo offers an endless amount of possibilities, which allows your customers, employees, and guests to take part in a number of different and amazing experiences.

As specialists in tours which provide different perspectives of the city, Bem São Paulo can help your business or event agency entertain and delight all audiences.


Our team consists of people with extensive experience in the events market who know how to handle the complex operations of receiving people, organizing events, and planning itineraries.

BEM SP DMC’s expert team will customize a full program from start to finish, utilizing the best resources the location has to offer and drawing on the unique features of the city or town to make the experience effective, memorable and fun for all involved.

• event/program design

• tour/excursion planning

• logistics planning

• transportation management

• service oversight

• supplier management

• accounting


We offer a glimpse into this charming and amazing city for guests who want to see the real São Paulo while talking about business.

Our core Corporate Experiences offers on-demand experience tours for groups. Each experience is aligned with your specific business or leisure needs.

It is an opportunity to talk about culture, art, music, gastronomy, architecture, and all that São Paulo has to offer during the intervals in-between your corporate events or business meetings.

Contact Bem São Paulo and ask about what kind of experiences we can provide that best suit your business needs.

São Paulo is a city of business, but also a city of leisure.

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