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10 Tips to Travel like a Pro

We know all the strugles every traveler goes through since the planning of your trip until the final destination to enjoy a great experience, so here are our 10 tips to travel like a pro and have no stress.   If you’re doing some proper backpacking, nab a 25-40 liter travel pack. However, you’ll have to accept checking it if […]

A 3-step guide to São Paulo’s Metro system

São Paulo’s subway system, the “Metrô” (strong, closed accent on the O) is often subject to criticism. Truth be told, it should be way more extensive for a city this size. And it could be cheaper. And maybe the stations could be built faster. And it can get crowded. But let’s focus on the positives: […]

8 Things About São Paulo That Need Explaining

1. The traffic The explanation is quite simple: There are way too many cars around. Although public transport is not as bad as it used to be, people still see cars as an urgent need, a status symbol and a modern comfort. Except, it isn’t. It’s a problem. I recently sold my car and started […]