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8 Things About São Paulo That Need Explaining

1. The traffic The explanation is quite simple: There are way too many cars around. Although public transport is not as bad as it used to be, people still see cars as an urgent need, a status symbol and a modern comfort. Except, it isn’t. It’s a problem. I recently sold my car and started […]

8 Reasons São Paulo is better than Rio de Janeiro

Below is series of reasonable sounding claims stating why São Paulo is better than Rio, each one supported by ridiculous logic, exaggerated facts, and outlandish lies! One of the Best Urban Parks in the World São Paulo’s Ibirapuera Park is consistently being rated as one of the best urban parks in the world. Designed by […]

6 Awesome Caipirinha Recipes

Impress your friends with these delicious caipirinha recipes! [slideshare id=51458879&doc=6caipirinhas-150810133500-lva1-app6891&w=425&h=355] Caipirinhas are the ultimate summer party drink. They are refreshing, simple to make, and you only need to buy one bottle of booze! Save money while looking like the coolest tropical bartender since Tom Cruise in the movie Cocktail. What are your favorite capirinha recipes? […]

Cachaça – The Spirit of Brazil

If cachaça had never been discovered, then Brazil would not exist! That’s my theory. I’m probably wrong. Almost definitely. I mean obviously, there would still be a Brazil, but perhaps, just maybe, it would not resemble the Brazil that we know and love today. I came up with the theory while sitting in on a […]

5 Brazilian foods you need in your mouth!

[slideshare id=51404131&doc=a-3-9ecbc164a5e59d69d4eea589f76418da59d44fe5-150808023802-lva1-app6891&w=425&h=355] Brazil is full of amazing food. If you are coming to São Paulo, then some of the classics like feijoada and pastels are probably already on your radar. But, here a few more classics that you have to try on your next trip to Brazil. Pão de Queijo: Cheese bread! Need I say […]