São Paulo is a dynamic city, jam-packed and open to diversity, so it is difficult to define in one word. Multicultural and multifaceted, it has a pulse that beats 24 hours a day, thanks to energetic locals and discerning visitors who are always in search of the latest trends.

It’s the most populous city in Brazil, the Americas, and the entire southern hemisphere. It’s total population ranks seventh in the world, and yet it’s been deemed the 14th most globalized city on the planet. Sampa, as its residents fondly refer to it, has evolved into a vital hub for the country’s economic, scientific, political, and cultural movements.

But this list barely scratches the surface of the city’s true identity. To really know the city, you need to know Bem São Paulo!


São Paulo is the corner bar that serves up hot bread and butter with café-com-leite in the mornings. It’s the street art and block parties that vibrate with live music. It’s the classical and modern architecture sitting side by side, sharing the same space. It’s the mixture of cultures, opinions, ingredients, and accents. It’s the nightlife that that doesn’t sleep until long after the sun is up. Out of all the cities in Brazil, São Paulo is the most Brazilian, containing a mix of people, styles, and food from every corner of the country.

Bem São Paulo has taken off as an immersion tour agency, engaging visitors in dynamic and interactive experiences that embody the essence of the city, filling them with the true spirit of this great metropolis. Guided by our team of hosts, the tours highlight some of culinary and cultural elements of São Paulo, while exploring the unbelievable street art, museums, nightlife, music, and stunning sights of the city.

Always, our experiences will show you the unusual side of São Paulo, giving you a collection of unique memories by the end of your trip. Whether by foot, bicycle, car, or subway, you will encounter the different rhythms and paces of the city as they change from one moment to another.

Our goal is to create experiences that will transform the average tourist into a Sampa enthusiast. Get ready to experience the city whose arms are always open, and come discover all that is Bem São Paulo!



To make your stay unforgettable, #BemSaoPaulo experiences offer unique sensory activities, which go beyond the scope of the conventional guided tour. For example, we will take you to live everyday situations, to taste typical snacks, ride around the city, make your own caipirinha, spray graffiti on a wall, learn to dance to Brazilian rhythms, among others!

Specially designed to surprise foreign tourists, Bem São Paulo’s program of attractions has a team of hosts that will welcome you like an old friend, ensuring your comfort, safety, complete enjoyment.

Even if your stay in the city is short, we have different options for every day of the week. Each tour lasts 5 hours and has its own theme, offering a complete immersion into all that is Bem São Paulo.

We put a lot of thought into our tours, finding locations, attractions, and activities that meet a variety of tastes, making the most out of a fun and informative day packed full of memorable events!





Edemilson Morais (Director of Communications, Marketing and Partnerships)

Ed, a publicist and entrepreneur, graduated from the Superior School of Advertising and Marketing (ESPM). For years he has worked with corporate events, and now heads several different initiatives, including a pizzeria and a startup software company. His experiences with business trips, leisure travel, and living abroad gave rise to the #BemSaoPaulo project. He believes that the agency was created to help tourists have a more cmplete visit to São Paulo, a city that delivers an air of novelty and is attracting more foreign travelers that ever before.

“Today, São Paulo is ‘the city’ of the southern hemisphere. It has developed into a truly attractive destination, bringing together all of the important elements for leisure and culture tourism.”


Renata Affonso (Administrative Director)

Rê, pronounced “hey”, is an architect and urban planner from the University of São Paulo (USP). Before turning to this innovative project, she designed sets for corporate events for over 17 years. She was also the creative coordinator andpartner/director of a set design company. For her, the personal life is no longer private; it encompasses everything and everyone, and that’s how life relates to #BemSaoPaulo. She believes that its mission is to help tourists understand how Sao Paulo is manifested in reality, experiencing the city and its relationships, going beyond simple observation.