8 Reasons São Paulo is better than Rio de Janeiro

8 Reasons São Paulo is better than Rio de Janeiro

Below is series of reasonable sounding claims stating why São Paulo is better than Rio, each one supported by ridiculous logic, exaggerated facts, and outlandish lies!


One of the Best Urban Parks in the World

São Paulo’s Ibirapuera Park is consistently being rated as one of the best urban parks in the world. Designed by famed landscape artist Burle Marx, the opulent park is so big that you can easily forget you’re sitting in the middle of one of the most populace cities in the world. Inside the park is a massive lake, the biennial pavilion designed by the illustrious Niemeyer, and the amazing Afro Brazilian Museummaking it one of the coolest parks in the world!

What does Rio have? A couple of beaches. Yeah, they’re nice, but they aren’t even ranked in the the top 25 beaches in the world.

Ninth Best Restaurant in the World

Yep. Ninth best. That means it’s really damn delicious! Alex Atala, the mastermind behind D.O.M., throws down the gauntlet when it comes to Brazilian cuisine, fusing together unique flavors from every corner of the country. São Paulo is a gastro-enthusiasts wet dream come true, loaded with amazing restaurants and awesome grub from around the world.

Does Rio even have restaurants? I think they just walk around the beach all day eating chunks of charred meat on a stick.

Better Weather

Rio has floods. Rio is too hot. It doesn’t even rain in SP!

More To Do

12 million people need options: countless museums, parks, theaters, restaurants, bars, clubs, markets, shopping malls, even a rock&roll museum. São Paulo delivers in a big way when it comes to finding things to do.

Rio doesn’t need options. You go to the beach, get hopped up on cheap caipirinhas, then stumble back to your hostel.


Better Looking Walls

The best street art in Brazil, maybe even the world, comes from São Paulo. Not just your run of the mill graffiti either, the streets of SP are awash in brilliantly created murals. Yep, SP does it up. Even in a list of the 10 street artists that you need to know, nine of them are from SP. Not one of them is from Rio.

The Best Sandwich in Brazil

Right in the heart of the city is the municipal market, where some of the best food in the country can be found. And at the heart of the market is Bar do Mane, where the best sandwich in the country can be found. It’s basically a pile of hot, greasy mortadella served on a roll. It’s fantastic! Anthony Bourdain loved it, so will you!


Better Buildings

Rio has a really big statue of Jesus. Yeah…it’s nice. They also have a couple of cool mountains and a really big lake and a great botanical garden, blah, blah, blah, et cetera and so on. But, when it come to really cool buildings, São Paulo is the place to be! The city is full of architectural masterpieces.


One of the reasons São Paulo grew into an international economic powerhouse was because of coffee. And even now SP produces far more coffee than Rio. So, you want to get a good cup of coffee, SP is the place to be!

Rio isn’t known for coffee. People drink cold beer and caipirinhas. They don’t even need coffee! It’s not like you need to boost your energy with caffeine when you get to hang out all day at awesome beaches in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The Verdict

Obviously, Rio is great place to visit. It’s gorgeous—more gorgeous than any city has a right to be. But, in many ways São Paulo is better than Rio. So, when you come to visit Brazil, be sure to check out both places!

Bem São Paulo