10 Tips to Travel like a Pro

10 Tips to Travel like a Pro

We know all the strugles every traveler goes through since the planning of your trip until the final destination to enjoy a great experience, so here are our 10 tips to travel like a pro and have no stress.

  1. If you’re doing some proper backpacking, nab a 25-40 liter travel pack. However, you’ll have to accept checking it if you opt for the larger size. Finding one with a hip belt makes it much easier and healthier to carry. A secondary daybag will nicely complement your larger travel pack.
  2. If you’re travelingon business, opt for a slick rollaway and messenger bag. You’ll love it when you don’t have to show up to some meeting with a goofy backpack. Your secondary bag is for all the gear you’ll need to access at the airport on the flight.

    > Remember that you can’t have more than 3.4 ounces of any liquid.

  3. Use Evernote and Google Docs to back up everything to the cloud. Upload scans of your driver’s license, passport, visas, and credit cards.
  4. Throw chargers\cables in a glasses case to them neat. By the way: don’t forget to test your batteries. If cameras and iPods can go without a charger, don’t bring one.
  5. Doube-bag toiletries to prevent spills and overpack underwear, just because you never know.

    > Arrive early so security lines and other delays can be met with calm.

  6. Place any electronics or tools into the bins, so you don’t give any reasons to have your bag checked.  Don’t forget to take off your belt, jewelry, and shoes before you get to the bins; stuff those into your daybag.
  7. Once you’re through security, find your gate. Then walk to the terminal to find the quietest spot.  If you’re a business traveler, crack open the laptop. Since you’re early, you can get work done.

    > Sit near the wings – the structural support reduces turbulence.

  8. Do work that air airplane isolation is made for: drafting presentations, writing outlines, deep coding.
  9. Put in your ear-plugs and catch up on all the things you have ready to read and watch – thanks to that awesome prep.
  10. Don’t forget your sunglasses and have an amazing journey !



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